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Eye Love you Mom

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Ready to ship with a few of our favorite things! Let your mom know you care through a thoughtful gift encouraging the upmost relaxation she deserves.This curated gift includes the following:

*Don't forget to chose your gift box and include a message for inside the card.

Penelope Goat Milk Soap: Provides a nourishing wash along with the natural benefits of goat milk and natural oils. Filled and topped with Calendula and Cornflowers, this soap is a beauty! 

Weighted, Aromatherapy Eye Pillow: Relax puffy eyes and relieve stress using our handmade lavender eye pillow filled with lavender buds and flaxseed. 

French Lavender Bath Salt: A Prestigious Hand-Blended Synergy of The World’s Finest Mineral Crystalline, Fine Grain and Coarse, Salts.

Match Bottle: Contains 42 wooden matches, Boston glass round bottle with cork stopper, striker paper on the bottom of the bottle.

Gold Tin Candle: There are no added dyes or other nasties in these candles. 6oz tin with wooden wick. White Tea & Lavender. 

Mother's Day Card: Folded card with black foil with a modern twist.