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MIXY Craft Mixology Kits
MIXY Craft Mixology Kits

MIXY Craft Mixology Kits

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unique blends of organic produce, herbs, and spices help you create the perfect craft cocktails with ease.  Simply add 12 oz of booze to your MIXY and let it infuse for 2-3 days. Then shake it up, strain it, and serve!

Each jar makes 8-16 servings of infused liquor, which can be enjoyed on its own or added to your favorite cocktail recipes!

Two flavors available: 

Tejas: She’s peppery, she’s tangy, and she’s a beautiful bright orange color. Blood-oranges, jalapeño, and limes combined with homemade agave-infused sugar cubes.

UptownShe’s fancy, she’s complex, she loves a good martini glass. The combination of pear, lemon, and homemade lavender-infused sugar cubes is *chef’s kiss* perfection… or should we say, pear-fection.